Quality of sperm could be a dilemma in embryo production programs


Quality of sperm is an important factor in any embryo production programs. Since the advent of semen sexing technology and the growing demand for heifer replacement in dairy farms, many embryo production programs were based on using sexed semen. No matter using sexed or unsorted semen, it is very important to check the quality of sperm prior to insemination by either checking the fertility records of such sperm within the herd or using dissecting microscope to check the quality of sperm in terms of motility, livability and abnormalities. If we ignore to be confident about semen quality, then we might end up with disaster after ova/embryo recovery. More recently (05.05.2022), we have performed uterine flushing in 4 Jersey cows in one of the best Jersey farm in Mahdasht, Alborz province, Iran. Although, we have emphasized the farmer not to use newly released sperm without testing the fertility and/or quality of sperm, they used newly purchased sexed semen without consulting with us. As a result we collected 17 and 13 unfertilized ova from two Jersey donors that inseminated with dead sperm (pictures)! Luckily, other two donors were inseminated with good quality semen and we collected 2 and 5 embryos from them, out of which 6 were transferable embryos (pictures). We were very tired at the end of the day. The farmer was very disappointed and there were several recipients that were ready to be transferred but there were no embryos available for transfer! Therefore, by one mistake, resources could be wasted.

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