Embryo Recovery from Heifers and Transferring it to High-Producing Dairy Cows

In our recent activity in World Pure Heifer Agro-Industrial Dairy Farm (Hesarak, Varamin, Tehran province, I. R. IRAN; 16.03.2022), we have collected 19 ova/embryos in total and 17 transferable embryos from Holstein heifer. In fact, we have developed a safe and efficient method to collect embryos from heifers through Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer (MOET). Also more recently, we  have transferred embryos to recipient cows rather than heifers with acceptable pregnancy rates of 50 percent. Therefore, in our current MOET protocol, we are going to collect embryos from heifers and transfer embryos to dairy cows. This combination will provide great opportunity for dairy farmers to combat heat stress. Technically, heifers are the frontiers in genetic progress in any cattle farm that the dairy farmers and geneticists would like to get the progeny from them. Besides, heifers are not susceptible to heat stress. On the other hands, dairy cows are the most available recipients in dairy farms rather than heifers. Moreover, high-producing lactating dairy cows are severely affected by heat stress from which the fertility of them is adversely affected.  Therefore, our current protocol of getting embryos from heifers, the frontiers in genetic progress of the herd, and transfer of embryos to high producing lactating dairy cows, as the most susceptible group to heat stress, will allow the dairy farmers to perform embryo transfer using excellent genetic of the herd with consistent pregnancy rates throughout the year. This also provides the practical approach to prevent the biological and economical adverse impacts of heat stress on dairy cattle farms.

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